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Focus on elaborate works
Focus Games

Focus Games was founded in the first half of 2017 and the independent game subsidiary of FocusMedia, the listed company in China (stock code: 002027).

Focus Games depends on the abundant resource of FocusMedia and many years of experience in publishing games, which is specialized in R&D, agency, publishing and operation of elaborate mobile games home and abroad.

Focus Group

Market value in trillion
the first stock in Chinese media

FocusMedia was founded in 2003 and became the first Chinese advertising media stock listed in the US NASDAQ in 2005, it returned to A Shares in 2015 and the market capitalization exceeded trillion, which was the first stock in Chinese media.

FocusMedia has created the core scene electric elevator. Elevator is the infrastructure in urban communities which has media properties of main groups, necessary trip, high frequency and low interference naturally and the first scene to gather population in urban communities. Through 15 years of development, the business of FocusMedia expands from elevators to cinemas and shopping malls, it has become the absolute king of scene advertising in urban communities with over 500 million of core users and above 90% of market shares and crowned as 【the media platform that has the largest explosive force of brand in China】.


Focus Games is specialized in publishing and promoting

Elaborate works with IP
Top picture,
creative elaborate works with unique play
Paying attention to products
with long life circle