Focus Games

Focus Games was founded in the first half of 2017 and the independent game subsidiary of FocusMedia, the listed company in China (stock code: 002027).

Market value in trillion
The first stock
in Chinese media

FocusMedia was founded in 2003 and listed in NASDAQ in US in 2005, it returned to A share in 2015 with market capitalization in trillion. FocusMedia has become the absolute king of scene advertising in cities with over 500 million users daily and above 90% of market share, which has been crowned as “the media platform that has the largest explosive force of brand in China”.

Focus Games is specialized in
publishing and promoting

Elaborate works with IP
Top picture,
creative elaborate works
with unique play
Paying attention to
products with
ong life circle


Co-founder and CEO
Michael Zhu
Once was Vice President of
Shanda Games and Fuchun Technology
Co-founder and COO
Jessica Wu
Once was Operation Director of
bilibili game division,
Operation Director of
Youzu Interactive studio and
Senior Product Director of Shanda Games