Game agency

Agency of elaborate
phone games home and abroad

Focus Games sticks to the pulse of development of game industry and conducting agency and introduction of elaborate phone games globally, whose partners are over main markets in Japan, South Korea, Chinese Taiwan, North Europe as well as the US.

Game publishing

Leading Game publishing platform in China

As the unique brand that causes explosion, FocusMedia is the required publishing channel for hot mobile games.

The largest media network of urban life circle which covers more than 290 cities over the country.
The largest entry for flow offline and reach 500 million main population in cities.
The best quality of users, the percentage of active users with high income, high educational background and high consumption exceeds 70%.
High bandwidth Focus WIFI, one-stop experience in browsing, focusing and downloading within the scene.
Cell phone APP shares through Focus, distribution channel of gift certificates for billions of users help promote games.


Game operation

Support plan for medium and small CPs

Focus Games continues to pay attention to the development of creative force of games in China and be happy to see and help energetic medium and small game CPs keep a foothold, develop and grow.

Focus Games will share many years of experience in resource and operation without reservation and promote operating efficiency and market efficiency of product together in win-win cooperation and make progress together.